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When the Lights go out

Explanation: I asked X_igrab to request something for my crazy Advent Request Calendar, and they asked ofr Vexen/Saix.
So I went to draw it, and there wa,s in a word, Epic fail.
Yes, I know, that's two words, but the fail was simply that epic.
So instead, I'm posting a 4-7 peice I wrote previously.
Previously avalible on Y!Gallery.

Pairing: Saix/Vexen
Rating: somewhere between R and NC17. Sex happens, but not terribly graphicly.
Summary: Saix, Vexen, a black out, a sprained ankle and a locked door.

“Vexen.” the chilly academic looked up at the sound of his name, to find Saïx standing just inside the door of the lab.
“Saïx.” he returned coolly, setting down what he'd been working on. “Did you need something?”
“Yes. Something very odd is happening with some of the dusks.”
“Is there? I don't see them very often, down here.”
“They seem to have developed a passion for taking things apart.”
“Then I'm glad I haven't seen them.” Vexen put a lid on the beaker. “What sort of things?”
“Furniture, the stove in the kitchen, everything they come across. And they're getting everywhere.”
“Ah. That does sound annoying.”
“Yes. I'm somewhat concerned. The moon is at apex tonight, and I am normally contained. If the restraints were tampered with, I could be a danger...” He generally spent those nights in the company of Xemnas- so he was concerned for the Superior's safety.
“Ah, I see.”
“You know a great deal about Dusks, so I thought that perhaps you might be able to tell what set them off, and how to stop them.”
“Very well, I'll come and have a look.” He turned and walked towards Saïx. Just then the lights flickered and they both stopped looking up at the ceiling. They flickered again, then died, leaving the lab pitch black. All around them various pieces of equipment gave low whines as they powered down. A rather sinister series of clicks followed, and Vexen swore, quite creatively.
“What was that?” Saïx asked, sounding somewhat amused by the heated expletives. The blond glanced in the direction of the voice and repressed a shiver at the glowing yellow eyes that hung in the darkness.
“That was the auto-lock down. I always assumed that if we lost power, it would be better if I was in my lab than out of it. I may be able to override it from the inside. Hold on, I have a penlight in my desk...” There was a stumbling noise
“Vexen, look out; you're about to-”


“As I was about to say, you're about to crash into a table. Are you alright?”
Vexen swore at length again, and tried to push himself upright. The table had landed rather sharply on his ankle, which despite the protective boot, he could feel swelling up. “Fine, Seven, I'm fine.” With a bit of effort, he struggled to his feet, and closed his eyes, trying to reorient himself. Where had he been when the lights had gone out- ah right and he'd gone several steps in the wrong direction, after seeing Saïx's glowing eyes- his desk would be to his left. Limping heavily, and making small hissing noises as he inadvertently put weight down, the blond took several steps before colliding with a warm body, somewhat shorter than he was. Hands gripped his elbows, keeping him from falling back as his weight fell on his wounded ankle and he almost passed out.
“Stop limping around.” Saïx growled. “You're making me think of prey.”
Funny how he never ordinarily thought about he differences in their heights. The berserker wasn't even built that strongly, despite his powerful shoulders. It was only then that he realized that Saïx had moved without stumbling, or crashing into anything
“You can see in the dark?”
“Quite well.” the yellow orbs flicked downward, momentarily obscured. “I think you may have broken your ankle. It's distorting your boot. You should get off it.” The hands moved up his arms, and he lifted Vexen with no apparent effort. “You said there was penlight?”
“In my desk.” Without thinking, Vexen looped an arm around Saïx's neck and pointed.
“You're disoriented, that's a doorway.”
“Oh great.” The pain was no longer sharp, now that he wasn't putting weight on it, but it was still making him lightheaded. “Can you see my desk?”
“Can you bring me over there?” He felt air brush on his face, but didn't really feel any jostling of movement.
“Should I put you in the chair?”
“Yes, that will do.” If he pretended he was working with his eyes closed, he could almost manage. Leaning forward, he found the edge of his desk and felt along it, finding the only unlocked drawer, which mostly contained pens and other writing implements. Working from feel, he located the thickest one, and found a button on the side.
“I'm going to try the door.” Saïx said suddenly.
“It won't work; the doors are locked.” The thin penlight flicked on, looking deceptively bright for a moment. As he turned it on his ankle, he heard a rather loud noise from the direction of the doorway. Followed by another; and another.
“You're giving me a headache.” he called, getting a snarl in response. Dear god, his ankle was the size of football. How was he going to get out of his boots to tend it? How did the table falling on him to that much damage? A brush of air, and he aimed the penlight upward. Saïx snarled a little and put a hand between himself and the offending light.
“The door.”
“It's locked.”
“I said as much.”

Saïx growled again, and Vexen turned his attention back to his ankle. He put the penlight between his lips and carefully griped his boot around the heel and gave it an experimental tug. The world sprouted colorful star bursts, and he sagged. Saïx knelt in front of him, and prodded at his swollen ankle, making his eyes water with pain.
“Do you have something to wrap this with?”
“In the medical supplies- you should know where they are...” the blue haired nobody disappeared form the small circle of light cast by the tiny flashlight, and Vexen heard a cabinet opening.
“Of course. Foolish of me.” The sounds of things being moved. “Another question; do you have another pair of boots?”
Vexen had just given another attempt to remove his boot himself, and nodded, as his head spun, trusting VII to see the nonverbal response.
“Good.” He reappeared, holding a bottle of painkillers and a roll of wide bandage. “You may want to turn the light off. It won't make a difference to me, but it may make you more comfortable.”
“No, I'd rather see.”
“Suit yourself.” the blue haired nobody dropped the roll of bandages in Vexen's lap and knelt, taking the wounded leg over his crooked knee, raising it slightly to aleve the pressure before tugging his gloves off. “If you're going to leave the light on, hold it steady. This is probably going to hurt.”
He spread his hands, and then in a swift, smooth motion, slit the thick, sturdy leather of the boot with his fingernails. Or rather his claws, because they were thicker stronger and undeniably sharper then they were when he'd taken his gloves off. A few ruthless strokes, and the mangled remains of the boot fell away. Vexen hissed between his teeth, and his head rolled back briefly as the claw tipped fingers gently prodded at the swollen mess of his ankle.
“It's not broken. Just sprained. Badly. And bruised to boot.” He held up one hand, and Vexen put the roll of bandages in it. It would be hard to wrap his own ankle properly- and if wrapped properly, his recuperative powers as a nobody would take care of it in a few days at most.
“I need to get out of here.” Saïx said simply, as he firmly wrapped the cloth around the other nobody's swollen ankle.
“Is it that urgent?”
“Vexen, you do not want me to stay here.”
“The moon is at apex tonight, as I said. I won't be able to control myself.” The berserker sighed. “There are ways to divert it, and normally, I spend time with the Superior- but of course-” he finished wrapping the wounded ankle, and expertly tied off the bandage. “I'm in here. With you.”

“Oh.” the noise was faint. It would have been even if his head wasn't reeling in pain.
“You may want to put some ice on that.” the berserker commented dryly, picking up the small pill bottle that he'd also brought over.
“You're acting rather calmly, for all you're about to loose control.” Vexen muttered. Then he reconsidered as Saïx was foiled by the childproof cap on the bottle. Just as the blond was about to offer to take care of it, the other man growled, and yanked the top off through brute strength. Small pills scattered across the floor. Without even looking ashamed, he peered into the bottle, and shook two out, handing them over without comment, and setting the destroyed bottle on the desk beside him.
“I try.” Saïx growled, eyes bright even in the light cast by the penlight. “It's getting closer. I would have had time; if the power hadn't gone out. I might still. Can you open the doors?”
“... No, I really can't, not as such. I could work them to open, but I can't just 'open' them.”
Another growl.
“You are not in a good position here, Vexen.”
“I am quite used to being helpless to other people's power.” the ice elemental said bitterly, spreading his hand over his injured ankle, he summoned cold, hoping to numb it, but didn't take the painkillers. Saïx picked them up, and put them in Vexen's mouth by force, pushing his fingertips between the blond's lips momentarily, then laying his palm over him to keep him from spitting the pills out.
Coughing from dry swallowing, Vexen lost his tenitive grip on the penlight,and it rolled away across the floor, clattering out of his reach, comforting circle of light fading to a dim glow.
He glared at the yellow glowing eyes in front of him, confident that Saïx would see his expression.
“I didn't take those for a reason, Seven.”
There was a horse chuckle in the dark. “Oh?”
“I don't... react well to painkillers.” hardly the most damaging admition he'd made to Saïx since they'd met.
“If you take more, will you fall unconscious?” It was a sudden question.
“Of course, but anyone would-”
“You may wish to do that.”
“Certainly not!”
“You're going to bleed, Vexen.”
The pronouncement made the academic shiver uncontrollably. It was as if Saïx's voice went down several layers of harmonics to grate against his primal instincts; those he could have lived with out much more easily than his heart; especially at the moment, because they were telling him to run.
“I have more faith in your control than you, it seems.”
“You shouldn't.” again the words were a half growl.
“W-what do you do with Xemnas, to divert?” there. He asked. He probably didn't want to know, but if he could do something; if Saïx went into a rage here, it would disrupt some of the half-completed experiments that the lab was filled with.
“Do you want to know?”
“I always want to know things, Saïx.”
“If you really did, you would have already figured it out.” they words came out somewhere between a growl and a whine.

Silence stretched in the darkness, punctuated only with the increasingly rough breathing of the berserker.
“Are you still with me, Seven?”
A vague, affirmative growl.
“In the corner nearest to us is a door. It leads to my chambers. I can neither see it nor walk there, you can do both.” There was another pause. Vexen was a private nobody. No one, possibly not even the superior had been inside his personal chambers. It sounded like he was choking on his own words, forcing them out. What little he could see in the dimness caused by the lost flashlight was blurring already. He hated painkillers. They made his vision fuzzy around the edges, in a horrible parody of his other's bad eyesight. “I... I'm not Xemnas. But what you need- what I think you mean-”
Fortunately, Saïx seemed to get the message without further explanation. Being moved made his ankle hurt again, Saïx was moving less smoothly than he was before. He heard door open, and even his bedroom, painfully neat and clean smelled different than the lab. One arm looped around Saïx's neck for support, Vexen closed his eyes on a head swimming with both pain and the medication that was supposed to suppress it. This was madness; he should try to open the doors, somehow. Lock Saïx in the bathroom- get back in the lab, lock him in the bedroom. Something. He should not be thinking about letting himself be used as a sort of foil, turning anger and rage into passion. And he should certainly not be... anticipating it with a strange burning in his chest and gut. He found himself being lain on the bed, and it felt good to lie prone- easier to keep his eyes closed, and avoid the swimming in his head. He pried them open again, when he felt the shape of another body press against him.
“What do you need from me?” he muttered, smelling animal musk. Lips pressed against his, lips that didn't conceal the sharp fangs beneath them. Hands tipped in deadly claws came up, capturing his hands, and bringing them to loop around the other man's neck.
“Hold.” was growled in his ear. “Hold on.”

When had Saïx disrobed? His back was bare, corded muscle under satin skin. Lips pressed to the large muscles along his neck, followed by the hard, sharp sensation of teeth, and he shivered again, remembering what Saïx's claws had done to the leather of his boot- which was substantially stronger and tougher than the skin of his throat. He heard words muttered into his skin 'Grounding' perhaps. There was a good deal more tenderness than he'd expected. Saïx could see perfectly well, as he'd said; he knew what he was doing, Who he as doing it to. Things got heated, frantic, clawed hands shoving his jacket away, over his arms, one at a time, holding the other one in place as one was freed. Having Vexen keep a hold of him seemed important, somehow. But he took the time to properly remove the scientist's pants easing them over his wrapped ankle. He'd almost forgotten how much it hurt, until the leather pulled against it, and he cried out in pain. The hot wet mouth came down, crushing the pain out with heat. No- it still hurt, it just didn't seem as important.
For all the attentions paid with lips and tongue, this wasn't lovemaking, this was rutting. The grind of hips and the jutting heat of erections, rubbing, yearning against each other, bodies twining, separating, and coming together again. Though he couldn't see, it was as if Saïx's body became mapped out before in in light, each touch making it brighter.
“You're luminous...” the words slipped out, almost a moan- and it became a moan, as Saïx chose that moment to thrust home. It hurt, yes, that wasn't surprising. What was surprising was how little it hurt. There had been no preparation, no lubrication and he had mapped out the length and girth of it only minutes before with his hand. But for all that, the invading heat was just that. The lack of pain didn't keep every exhalation from becoming a cry, as hands braced on his legs, lifting them higher, thrusting deeper, harder, more intensely. His eyes opened again, expecting to see the luminous vision of Saïx that was blazoned on his eyelids, but saw nothing but pinwheels of light, hearing his own ragged, senseless noises, and the low growl, almost a purr. His eyes glowed so brightly that Vexen could almost make out the scar that quartered his face. Senselessly he wanted to touch it, it was so close, like a child reaching for the moon. His fingers- his fingers were still gloved, and they trailed across the ridged scar briefly before they were snatched away by an almost bruising grip on his wrist.
The invading heat withdrew, and he was flipped over forcefully, face colliding with the coverlet, and ankle jarring as it followed a moment later. He started to push himself up, and found himself crushed under a heavy weight. Saïx's teeth gripped his neck where it met his shoulder, just barely gently enough to not break the skin. Despite that restraint Vexen yelped as he was entered again, and the rhythmic thrusts wracked his whole body.

Endurance, that was the key here, and Vexen had that in spades. Endurance to stand at a work table all day. Endurance to try again, and again, as attempt after attempt failed. Endurance to stand the humiliations heaped upon him. A shield, (a vessel taking it all and storing it) a glacier, (an iceberg, won't you go down on me?) a wall (pound me into it). His breaths rasped in and out now, almost pants, face turned so as not to smother in the sheets and pillows. He could take this- no he was being given this, and he had given up control in turn. In the dark, fuzzy world the pain and blackout had created, he was being given this experience by the diviner, a luminous form rising against him. Was it getting more frantic? Yes... there was a deeper urgency... and he responded to it, thrusting backward, rising against the heat and weight of the body that pinned him as best he could. Saïx had asked him to hold ,and in this position he couldn't, there was nothing to grasp. Blindly, he reached up over his shoulder and grasped a hold of a handful of hair like spun silk. This produced a growl, but not an unhappy one and suddenly he was filled with heat as the other nobody came, teeth breaking the skin at he base of his neck. That sent Vexen over as well, pulling at the handful of hair and crying out.

Collapsed in sated exhaustion, it took Vexen several moments to become disgusted with the feeling of dampness along his stomach, and the feeling of blood dripping down his neck. His ankle throbbed dully, in a rhythm reminiscent of the rutting just completed, and his head was spinning, but he was aware enough to feel the brush of a tongue along the side of his neck, lapping up the blood.
“Ah, you warned me. You said I would bleed.”
There was a vague affirmative growl. Though no longer as hot or hard, he could still feel Saïx inside of him. Uselessly, he tipped his head to the side to try and look, and had a hand pin his head back to the pillows, fingers tangling in his hair. In the wake of the shuddering orgasm not minutes past, the feeling of the berserker's tongue on his skin made quivers and spasms dance across his flesh. It made of all things, his back hurt.
“I can't lie on my stomach much longer.” Vexen said, in what he hoped was a reasonable voice, not a pant. After a moment's thought he added- “Please.”
There was an unsatisfied growl, and the weight eased, Saïx had raised off of him- just far enough so Vexen could roll over. Settling down on his back, he sighed, and wrinkled his nose in disgust as he settled- back down into the damp spot on the coverlet. Once he was settled the slightly smaller man settled back down, burying his face in Vexen's hair, and lapping up the last remaining drops of blood that oozed from the bite mark. After a few moments rest he raised himself again, this time moving down Vexen's torso, and licking up the traces of ejaculate. It made the blond's stomach turn over, and to his surprise, he felt his arousal returning even though it had been mere minutes. Vexen caught the other man's head in his hands, mainly by feel,and turned the head until he could stare directly into luminous golden eyes.
“You are insatiable.”
“Tonight? Yes.”
“How long...?” he asked, in a strangled voice, as that damnable, flexible tongue descended on him. He kept his hands buried in the soft blue hair.
“Until the moon sets.”
Vexen had a sudden, unexpected wave of respect for the Superior.

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