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I Ship OT13!

....because the nickname "orgy" should mean something

I Ship OT13 - a lighthearted Organization XIII com
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This community is for those lovely people who aren't uptight about their Organization XIII pairings - because let's be honest, WHY NOT?

Larxene/Vexen? What a fabulous idea.

Saix/Roxas? Sure!

And as everyone knows, Demyx looks good on anyone.

This is all in good fun, however, and if you feel offended by the offbeat pairings, and ship AkuRoku so hardcore that your brain breaks at a little bit of Axel/Demyx, well... this is not the place for you. I'm sure we all have our personal OTPs, but some of us like to have a little fun and a little challenge.


1. Play nice. I'm not saying there can't be friendly discussions, and in fact they are quite encouraged, but please don't get your panties in a twist. We all love Kingdom Hearts.
2. Have fun. This is absolutely required.
3. Be considerate. Please post large pictures and anything vaguely explicit under a cut. I think we all know the protocol here.
4. Anything goes. That's right, you can post anything Organization XIII pairing-related - it can involve other characters, too, as long as the Orgy13 is somehow involved in the fun.

...and that's pretty much it.

Fun Stuff:

Pairing Challenge: Every week, I'll post a pairing - ranging anything from the classic to the impossible - and you can contribute in any way you can, fanart, cosplay photos, fanfiction, music videos - and everyone who participates gets a cute little graphic. It's not a contest at the moment, because I really don't expect that much activity yet XD;

AND SO. Have fun! That's it. Hurrah!
~ your lovely mod, x_igrab