iGrab - Xigbar's other Somebody (x_igrab) wrote in iship_ot13,
iGrab - Xigbar's other Somebody

Pairing of the... Week?

Hey there homeslices!

So, in summary - I suck. But let's put the past behind us, shall we? It is a Friday, and although that had nothing to do with my doing this, and everything to do with admantius_art... HERE IS A PAIRING OF THE WEEK.

Xemnas / Axel

Oh, dear. Did I see that correctly? Let's look again...

Xemnas / Axel

Oh my. Well, it IS January, and it IS the 18th...

And whoever said pairings had to be easy?

Another anonymous whateverquest coming up, once I finish writing this fic. Woop woop!
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