iGrab - Xigbar's other Somebody (x_igrab) wrote in iship_ot13,
iGrab - Xigbar's other Somebody

Whateverquest #2

The Anonymous Whateverquest!

Here's how the game goes. You comment to this post, anonymously, with a pairing and a prompt. Like this:

Pairing: Blah/Blah
Prompt: Blahblah

JUST like that, so no one can tell who it is ^_^

THEN... and here's the fun part... if you see a request that you think you can fill, either with art, fic, icons... however you want to contribute... reply to that request, also anonymously.

^_^ there's no limit as to how many requests you can make, nor how many you can fill - nor how many replies a single request gets! GO WILD. RUN FREE.

Posting requests will be limited to however long I feel like though, so have all your requests in by whenever, and we'll all do our best to fill them!

The point of the game is to be secretive; it's gonna be a lot harder for artists because of distinct style (but then, fic writers have distinct voice as well!) but who cares.

For artist's ease, here is a link to a nice, easy, free oekaki board - Anti-Perdition - so you can doodle up something quick.

Once all the requests have been filled, then everyone can come clean about who wrote what. FUN, YES?

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